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United Kingdom Exit On The Domestic Impact Of Car Geometry

As the United Kingdom held off Ou Gong voted, have identified the United Kingdom formally outside the EU. Although it is only on behalf of the United Kingdom the majority of the people, but for the political and economic influence in the world, is very great indeed. Since the end of the referendum and influence on world political, financial and needless to say, is a touch of other industries, and far beyond people's imagination. To say the least, in the United Kingdom after the exit of people wave, there have been big problems, like the England team, mess in the European game's performance, stating that players have become "restless" and even has been thought not to face increasingly fierce competition. It makes genius gathered in England, suddenly become weak the wind a lot, which is a small country with less than 330,000 people Iceland forces ... ....

These problems can also occur in the field of automobile manufacturing, still is hard to say, but United Kingdom vehicle export issues, joint ventures with domestic issues and the corresponding technical cooperation and so on, to varying degrees, on the formation of domestic car touches. If, in the United Kingdom exit first wave effect when set off, we can't make active preparations, is likely to directly affect the development of domestic cars.

United Kingdom car industry, the manufacturing capacity of 1 million cars a year, apparently does not like Germany and Japan on the domestic market have great power to left. But it is undeniable that, United Kingdom the uniqueness of the car manufacturing, as well as the impact of technology, indeed irreplaceable. This will take care of the domestic automobile manufacturing, producing unimaginable impact. In particular, the China Automotive technology to some degree dependent on, and began to cooperate with domestic, this influence is clearly to be reckoned with. This means that seemingly small amount of United Kingdom car, can't set off waves in the industry, but from a comprehensive perspective, the results went back to hold one body problem arises.

In the United Kingdom on the issue of export, apparently only exists in some high-end models, although the price problems that had plagued the domestic market of these years, but the development of the domestic market, but also with some luxury cars manufactured mainly imported cars, had to consider the question of how to adapt to the domestic market. Sky-high issues like Land Rover, is a good example. This time through the United Kingdom exit event, for exports of luxury cars, apparently let the companies caught in the middle of things, this test is more suitable for high-end vehicles in the domestic market's survival, but also further tested United Kingdom premium issue of how to improve the use of price leverage a good grasp of the Chinese market, this is more than anything else.

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