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Increased Competition From International Parts Giant

On January 25, 2016, the Weber Inn Express launch ProVia brand of aftermarket accessories. At the end of last year, Johnson's power business of aftermarket brand Valta battery open the rebranding plans in China. The end of 2014, Bosch by Bosch opened a franchise automobile service business in China. This series of actions shows that the transnational component companies are strategizing, "a game of chess after for sale."

Good aftermarket development time

"China auto after market ushered in a period of rapid growth. "On January 27, after the China Association of automobile manufacturers Committee Secretary General Xu Haidong said in an interview with reporters, population will reach 170 million vehicles in China in 2016, will undoubtedly attract huge aftermarket space parts enterprises from various countries to speed up entry.

2014, the State ministries and increase its efforts to get rid of car accessories for horizontal and vertical monopoly. Bosch automotive aftermarket Mao Limin, President of greater China, said in an interview, Government and industry association automotive aftermarket market attention gradually increased, a series of policies designed to break the monopoly is driving the industry towards healthier, more transparent, more open direction. He said: "car maintenance information public, means increased competition. For example, car parts enterprises have introduced a variety of positioning quality accessories, 4S shops and terminal owners needs. ”

Currently the commercial vehicle business for channel management and pricing mechanisms and considerable differences in passenger cars and aftermarket for commercial vehicles and passenger cars market is not exactly the same. Weber Group Vice President, Asia Pacific and China operations President Yu Sujie told journalists, in recent years, of domestic aftermarket still exists against consumers, guidance issued ten ministries will promote commercial vehicle aftermarket gradually standardized.

Multinational enterprises to enter China's auto aftermarket of parts, mostly for vehicle supporting the business. But with car ownership in China grow, auto after market scale expansion and gradually regulated market environment. The strategic layout for China's auto aftermarket, transnational components from the original "dark war" turned into a "sword".

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