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Falling SUV Sales Will Affect This Year's Trend Of Automobile Market As A Whole

In April this year, domestic car sales 2.1224 million vehicles, fell 13.01%, an increase of 6.32%. Passenger car sales of 1.7791 million units, fell 13.45%, an increase of 6.5%. In this regard, there are media reports that: "after the March market ' Indian summer ', but the car did not continue to usher in bloom in April, but there has been a ' roller coaster ' decline. ”

In fact, the market never "April flowers". According to the seasonal fluctuation of the domestic auto market, the great influence of the Spring Festival in January, February, and Spring Festival in which month, which month is low all year round, for example, in February of this year, passenger car sales of 1.3208 million units, fell 42.09%, almost halved. March is the highest point sales for the full year, from April to August, car sales down month by month, into the off-season, until the "gold and nine silver cross". The last two months are a period of adjustment, tail or tail hanging down.

2015 is different. In July last year sold 1.503 million, lower than it was in February. Not only for 4 consecutive months dropped year after May 3 consecutive monthly decline. This is not met for more than 20 years. At that time public opinion almost slumped, many very pessimistic analysis, some people think that market has gone to a big turning point, some people even think that the market has run into history of the ceiling.

Now go back and look at 2015 the market away from a v-shape, starting from August sales rebound after increasing month by month, sales in December hit a record 2.7855 million vehicles. Inside the main factor is the Government halved the sales tax on small cars of the preferential policies, promote the market out of negative growth of mire.

Auto market this year continues the momentum of recovery in the second half of last year, compared with solid growth. January-April sales finished 8.76 million respectively and 8.65 million, growth of 5.7% and 6.1%, respectively over the previous year, higher than the 1.6 per cent and 3.3%.

The other hand, viewed from the objective analysis of market development, macro-economic effects of the new normal, Chinese Auto market fundamentals did not change radically, after removing policy stimulus in April, pulling the national passenger car sales growth of SUV sales fell sharply, which numbers fell 12.09% per cent annually. Compare sales data for January-April this year shows that compared with the explosive growth of the past, 2016, the SUV growth obviously slackened and the difficulties faced by many in the market.

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