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Auto makers due to auto part defects collective large recalls is increasing.

May 25, People's Republic of China General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine (hereinafter referred to as AQSIQ) official said, Guangzhou Honda, Dongfeng Honda Motor Co and Honda Motor (China) investment company in accordance with the requirement of defect automobile product recall regulations, register at AQSIQ recall program.

Worth noting is that 3 companies recall reasons given there has been strikingly similar: within the scope of this recall may be in the passenger seat of a vehicle when the airbag is expanded, gas generator shell damage, shell fragments flew out, and may injure the passengers in the cars, there are security risks.

In spite of 3 Auto company recall, did not mention was due to "airbag Takada" triggered by the recall issue, but many insiders say reporters over the weekend accepted rule of law must be induced by balloon Takada.

Previously, due to airbag Takada unsafe, more than 10 multinational companies implemented a massive recall program, recalled more than 36 million units.

Rule of law reporter over the weekend combed the AQSIQ announced the beginning of 2015 May 25 recall, according to incomplete statistics, domestic and foreign auto makers launched 62 recall, which makes it clear that because of the auto parts supplier and led to the recall of 17 times, nearly one-third per cent.

Champ Advisory analyst to weekend reporter noted that the rule of law, 2015 years recall is the biggest feature is the increase in large recalls. Broken shaft Gao Tian airbag, door to door release as soon as possible, as the auto parts global sourcing reasons in the automotive manufacturing platforms and components under the general trend, a parts defect leading to GM's recall has become collective recall of the brand's new normal. Similar occurrences in the future, "mass" gradually increase the risk of problems.

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