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After The Auto Suppliers Into The Market

If moving up the drone is the round transformation of automotive electronics supplier, then the market back is tires, machinery supplier for the main development direction.

On October 29, 2015, Beijing capital tire limited liability company officially declared bankruptcy. According to the introduction, the first tire is Beijing Capital Group on the basis of the original tyre factory in Beijing, after reorganization in 1999 with the establishment of wholly-owned subsidiaries. As national 24 home focus tire production manufacturers one of, first tire is to development, and production and sales took with, and light clip afternoon tire and light card, and load, and engineering oblique make tire mainly of State-owned large a tire enterprise, continuous years among world tire 75 strong of column, integrated economic strength had in China tire industry in the column 15th bit, half steel child afternoon tire column Qian five name.

Public information, did not begin after the Spring Festival this year, company employees were laid off, and indicted for vendor payment in arrears. And plans are already in the first half to lift the labor relationship over more than 1000 contracts. The company already to the SASAC filed for bankruptcy protection.

Allegedly, tire plant rumors of capital chain rupture had occurred one after another two or three years ago, overcapacity in the tire industry, export friction and adhesive adjustment of impact on a large number of small factories operating difficulties and failures.

Before this year's Spring Festival, first of all, under the Shandong haolong group Shui Po tires guangrao County, Shandong province, to apply in bankruptcy court. As of the bankruptcy the company has liabilities amounting to 4.7 billion yuan, of which bank liabilities exceeding 2 billion yuan.

In addition, Enterprise capital chain rupture by exposed. On July 10 this year, Shandong linyi Shandong Fortel tire, was robbed by raw material suppliers rushed into the warehouse of the company the company around 2 million Yuan worth of materials, small tires and chemical material, because the company was unable to repay the debt owed to suppliers of 2 million Yuan.

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