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True auto parts in the end how to identify fake car damage


A: the glass of water

The glass of water is a specialized tool used to clean automobile windshields before and after that is generally a blue liquid. When blurred vision when, to the right of the steering wheel lever, glass water comes with a windshield wiper to clean the glass.

Water glass belongs to expendable, especially in windy and rainy weather, high frequency of use, a few days will have to catch up on. This item is very good buy, supermarkets, street auto repair shops are sold. However, there is now a very important problem, the glass of water on the market counterfeit, although prices are not expensive, problem is that glass of water shutoff nozzle, and glass cleaner does not clean.

How do I tell it? First find a container to go down in the refrigerator, in general the freezing point of water is very low, no bond after the second day out, smooth mobility of the liquid, this glass of water is not a problem.

Then, and see what the taste of alcohol, generally authentic glass of water ingredients there is more or less in the presence of ethanol, because of its low freezing point, has good winter hardiness.

If the premise cannot be unscrewed, you can shake and see how much the bubble in the bottle and glass of water rich in bubble gum stronger decontamination capacity.

Second: oil

Oil the motor's blood, they reduce the friction between the metal, improving efficiency and increasing the life expectancy of the engine.

In General, tell oil has three steps.

Have a look

Is mainly look at color at room temperature condition, genuine oil colors than the fake oil to deep a lot, and there are no impurities.

B smell

Through your nose to smell the smell of oil, you will find almost no genuine oil sensitive taste, similar to a touch of fragrance, and obviously irritating gasoline smell fake engine oil.

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