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Gas has a knack for oil so add


Sooner or later, come on more

Morning and evening temperatures in the day is relatively low, with thermal expansion and contraction properties of gasoline, and gasoline are charged by volume. Under the conditions of low temperatures and relatively high gas density, mass per unit volume is relatively large, come on. Not cheap, this is how much money, I just want to say: you are local!?

Light yellow light come on? NO! NO! NO!

Not after the yellow light come on again. Bright yellow light that gasoline is lower than the pump, in situations like this, continuous working temperature is too high the pump, not soaked in fuel, cannot effectively cool down, this will make the life of the pump for a long time to reduce or even burn out the pump. More than 30,000 miles needed more careful saving too little oil pump once the sediment at the bottom of the tank out and block blocked pump or oil that's lucky, it can lead to disaster.

If the owner of the car used to transport to and from work, and refueling is more convenient, and eliminates the need to fill each, this will only add to the car's weight and has no practical significance.

Urban high grade oil does not save

Refuelling should be depending on the compression ratio of the engine to select a different grade of gasoline. 8.5~9.5 compression ratio between the mid-range sedan usually 93rd gasoline should be used; compression ratio greater than 9.5 car 97th gasoline should be used. Compression ratio of domestic cars generally above 9, 93rd and 97th gasoline is best used.

Cars often run 60km speed, suitable for 93rd gasoline, if the long run rate of 100 per cent of the should be with 97th, oil, so as to ensure that the car engine and better play.

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