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Car through the muddy pavement, note skidding idling or sideslip, SAG


Cars driving on muddy, boiling on the road, due to soft surface and thick mud under extrusion deformation on the wheel, making driving the car increases resistance, adhesion is smaller, resulting in speed restricted. increased fuel consumption, braking efficiency decrease, turning difficult to master, or even subside wheels idling or sideslip,, great threat to traffic safety.

Passing through a muddy lot is non-slip, second, subsidence, so you must press the front track. For low gear before entering the muddy lots, not shifting in the Middle, at one time straight out at a constant speed. Middle sedan suddenly lost power and stop, want to start is difficult.

In case mired, never venturing to step on the gas, or driving wheels will only become more trapped deep. If there are no other cushion wheel of things, you can slip the tire pressure on the nearly flat and tire deformation of soft, increase the friction grip. 2 gear after the engine starts, half-clutch, come on, start slowly, most to go through.

If only one tire slip, then gently pull handbrake to step on the gas. Due to the hand brake, racing wheel will stop spinning wheels increase the driving force on the other side, this could be easily pulled out of the mud.

If you accidentally front wheel wallowing in, you need to use a small shovel and shovel open pit edge, or use their own extreme muddy pavement pad laying barbed wire for tires, "built" out a small road, and then slowly come on through, anxious at this time cheer results can only be caused by mud and deeper. If the pit is deep, and our vehicle approach angle and departure angle and a small amount of cases, can also use the side of the flat rocks, sticks or padded the wormwood plant, still does not work, also can make your own clothes into the mud.

If there are partners, can make its assistance to cart, but need to be careful not to let people stand behind the two rear wheels carts, to prevent wheels out of the mud and stones injuring.

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