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Brakes emergency remedial actions


Brake failure emergencies self-help measures 1. seat belts can stop motorists rushed to the windshield when the emergency brake, if not wearing your seatbelt is best not to try to go against collision, this may be more devastated than let nature take its course, because slow collision more suddenly. Down to the moment of the collision point should, as early as possible, away from the steering wheel, arm clamps chest, heads in hands.

2. According to the relevant data show that passenger seat the seat is the most dangerous, if you sit in the Office, first hold the head lying on the seat, or double fist, wrist to protect his forehead and bowed the knee to protect his abdomen and chest.

3. back the best protection option is to quickly extend one foot, in the back of the front seat and elbow in the chest, hands open, protecting the head and face, back, pressure on the seat.

4. here we would also like to emphasize that if an accident or emergency braking when you want to quickly push forward with both hands pushing armrests or seat back feet after a previous push forward so that impact consumption, buffers rushed forward speed, so as to reduce the degree of victim. Crash should not shout, should close lips, teeth, so as to avoid biting your tongue when it collided. Crash the strong possibility of fire, hit stop, everyone managed to get out of the car as soon as possible.

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