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Brake failure


At high speeds the brakes although in daily driving, chances are very small, but if handled properly will result in very serious consequences, and therefore have some emergency braking measures are very necessary. Cause brake failure for 3 main reasons:

1. brake systems lack of maintenance, too many impurities, seal in the brake master cylinder, vacuum pump failure, brake oil too dirty or mixed use heated air resistance brake oil, brake master cylinder or pump oil spills, storage tank or pipe interface leakage.

2. malfunction due to improper operation, such as the downhill for a long time will make the brake friction heat and carbonization, complete brake failure brake hub.

3. due to overloading, in the presence of gravity, increasing the inertia of the vehicle, a direct result of brake failure.

Hand brake brake

After the brakes, brake Handbrake available, the correct approach is to slowly pull the hand brake, tighten, loosen, pull tight, release the slow the vehicle to a halt. Should pay attention to is that handle brake handle to press into the hand brake handle the insurance button, so that the hand brake handle tension, relaxing process operate freely, preventing tighten hand brake locking.

Reduction gear brake

Car can also be manually forced downshift and stop, is done directly into the 2 block, loose throttle lift the clutch again, then the vehicle will feel like there is a screeching halt, and then waiting to hang into the 1 block, you can turn off the switch, engine cylinder compression can make the vehicle park.

If it is in some dangerous sections such as downhill brake in order to prevent danger to further expand, if necessary, using roadside piles of mud, straw, road ditches, trees, rocks and other obstacles to the resistance and vehicle parking.

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