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Backing away from the repair shop vehicles do missing brake fluid may be water


When away from the vehicle, car broke down, and that's really frustrating.

Backing away from the repair shop vehicles do missing brake fluid may be water

Bottoming, foreign bodies hit the chassis actually, domestic road construction speed was really surprised me. A note will not let big rock protrusions or other pavement close contact with the chassis of your vehicle, so it's easier to cause damage to some parts in the chassis.

When in the wild or far away from the vehicle chassis, mechanical damage when they encounter, for different failure scenarios, you can use the following method to drive to a local car repair conditions.

Brake cylinder leak brake fluid or pump pipe break, pump pipe joints with Tin, copper being a small cushion, the pipe blocked, and then tighten screws, flat and crimp leak or fracture clip so that the wheel has brake effect. But doing so may cause unilateral braking while driving safely.

Brake master cylinder brake fluid deficiency, alcohol or spirits can substitute, special cases and water instead. Brake Cup swollen with Rose Bowl in hot water for 10 minutes – 20 minutes, skin oil content on the Bowl removed, so you can bring the Cup back to the original size.

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