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Automobile painting techniques and paint maintenance


New cars available, is the most easily damaged painting. Collision of casual or careful washing cars, paint will suffer. Minor abrasions, scars on the surface of the paint to brighten. The paint surface is scratched, but does not expose primer, so there is no need to touch up. With thick wax, Polish or wax a few times more, scratches also slowly disappeared.

Severe scratches, if you can see the lower color primer, then please look at the scar site. In General, bumpers, mirrors and some fender flares parts are plastic and will not rust. Apart from the ugly is no big problem. Fill not fill paint look at the owner's request. But if the severe scars appear on other parts of the body, it is necessary to touch up, or even a small amount of damage, spring will begin to rust, then, even if the fill paint is difficult to rust.

Touch up is to select qualified qualified professional spray painting factory. No skilled painters, no dust-free high-temperature paint shop, it is impossible to obtain the satisfaction of painting effects. Also would like to remind you is, don't believe some maintenance business to flaunt the so-called original paint repair, that is out of the question. The reason is simple: original painting process is to go through 200 ℃ high temperature baking. If you fill in such processes on the finished car paint, car even which parts do not afford. Therefore, touch up paint is specifically designed for use at low temperatures to use when baking, with the original factory paint is not the same thing.

Secondly, repair paint color is the patch released before. Reasons already mentioned, depending on the length of time used, vehicle paint has begun to fade, and rely entirely on tones of the original factory touch up will have a noticeable color difference. To think and vehicles as possible color matching, can only be adjusted. In order to minimize chromatic aberration occurs, even if it's just not a body need to touch up, maintenance personnel will all associated body spray. For example, on the door there is a need to fill, then repair tends to prevent the boat for the sector, the upper fan or lower half doors spray. That way, if there is a tiny color difference is not easy to see.

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